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Planning for Educators

There is more to teacher benefits than the satisfaction of making a positive impact on a child’s life. The State of Connecticut has a host of educator specific benefits that enhance other Federal and State worker opportunities to build a secure retirement.

David combines seventeen years of expertise as a Certified Financial Planner™ with over a decade working with Connecticut educators in evaluating their retirement options and crafting specific, comprehensive, customized plans that reduce risks while increasing their incomes.

David has personally developed and implemented such plans for hundreds of educators.

Working with David your plan will address aspects of Financial Life Management along with the following educators specific concerns:

  • How to choose and fund a 403(b), TSA and/or 457 Plan within your school system.
  • How the CTRB’s Eligibility Rules for retirement may impact your pension.
  • Potential opportunities to increase your pension
  • Purchase of Service - Analyze how much it will cost, when it should be purchased and what resources should be used to pay for it.
  • Completion of paperwork necessary to purchase service.
  • Pension Options; Plans N, C or D - Provide the specific figures for your expected benefit and assist in evaluating which is best in the context of your overall plan.
  • CTRB 1% Supplemental Account - What it is and how to best use it.
  • CTRB Voluntary Account - What it is and how to best use it.
  • CTRB Application for Retirement Benefits - Match the right choices to your plan and coordinate the corresponding paperwork.
  • Taxation of your CTRB pension benefit.
  • Opportunities for Post Retirement Reemployment.
  • COLA - How future raises on your pension are calculated.
  • Health Insurance options for retired teachers.
  • How Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) rules may reduce your Social Security benefit.
  • How Government Pension Offset (GPO) rules may reduce the Social Security benefit you’re entitled to based upon a spouse or former spouse’s benefit.